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What does it feel like to be me?

Hi! My name is Panama Jackson, you may remember me from such musical expositions as Tupac Back: You Can’t Be A Thug Angel If You Won’t Die N*gga and

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"No Morg, I can’t believe that we’re both still alive either. And yes, we’re both tempting fate by making a movie called Bucket List. F*ck b*tches, get money."

While it seems that…

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"I should have been nicer. Maybe I could have kept a man. All those lace thongs and all I used them for was this curtain. What a waste. I’m dusty."

[***DISCLAIMER #1: Read the…

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We black, we know it. We dancing. It’s our birthday. Booty butt cheeks. Booty butt cheeks.

This has been a good week for Black people. Really, it’s been a good week for those of…

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I’m dead.

I had intended to write a whole other post and then I happened to look at Twitter. And all of a sudden I see ninjas talking about Osama Bin Laden being dead.

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Between WorldStar spam, the dozens of daily requests to promote premieres of movies starring people you thought were dead, and the 125,000 times per day that people ask us how to create…

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If you squint and turn us sideways, we look like the flag for El Salvador. We rock!

Let me borrow the microphone today. Mmkay? Mmkay.

Today, class, I’d like to talk about habits….

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It is the season of champions. What do UConn men’s basketball, LeBron James and Charlie Sheen have in common? They are all winning. Do you know who else is winning? White women. More…

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One of my homegirls (“Angie”) divorced her husband a little over a year ago. After going through the perfunctory post-breakup reflection and mourning period, she started dating again….

After a published book and three years of blogging together, the Champ and Panama Jackson finally decided to meet in person at our #ThreeDeez anniversary party and book signing event in DC. Check out some footage from the event and see what a few VSSs and a VSB had to say. 

Shout out to @circa1908 @soulapowa and @gemoftheocean for the interviews!

BIG THANKS and much love to Tim Wilson for shooting, producing, editing and laying the track for the video.